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Supportive Coaching for People who are 'in the Arena'

"It is not the critic who counts... the credit belongs to the person who is actually in the arena... whose place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt, 1910.  

Highly Qualified

Adrian holds degrees in Psychology, Law and Commerce and has established and run four successful businesses since 2002.  

Highly Experienced

Adrian has worked and lived in a variety of places. He can easily empathise and connect with you whatever your situation. 

Compassionate & Caring

Adrian is a warm, friendly and reassuringly normal person who provides a strong sense of safety and security. 

Call now for a no-obligation conversation. 

Who are the ‘Men and Women in the Arena?’

Sometimes, even the best leaders need support from a coach who ‘gets it.’  

Whether you are leading a business, a service, a family or some other group of people, leadership can be tough and lonely at times.

Drawing on his formal training and his own experience raising a family, leading teams and building enterprises, Adrian will help you gain clarity, confidence and composure as you face the challenges leadership brings you.  

People I Have Helped

These are some vignettes of people I have helped over the years. They have of course been de-identified, but the essential elements of the stories are entirely true. 

Reading through these stories will help you get a feel for the kinds of problems that other people have successfully faced . They will also show you that life gets complex for most people. When that happens, we benefit from intelligent support from people whose experience and knowledge can help us to face that complexity. 

These stories will show you why I am not a ‘life coach’ looking to help you ‘be your best self.’ I help people for whom life has become difficult, and who also have real responsibilities that need to be included in their response.

If that sounds like you, then please give me a call.   


Steven was working in sales but not enjoying it. His boss was struggling and the products being sold were not good ones. Steven had always wanted to work for himself,[…]

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Bruce and Pat

Bruce and Pat had four kids. The youngest of them, Deb, has Downs Syndrome and I got to know the family through Deb when she was in her mid twenties.[…]

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Paula and Her Boys

Paula was in a bad spot. She had moved to Australia having met her husband overseas. They had married and now had two boys under the age of three. Unfortunately,[…]

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Client Testimonials

Thank you for seeing James. We can all see a big change in him already. He is more positive, more dynamic and more motivated. You have the great ability to bring out the best in people.

James’ Best Mate, 2020

I found Adrian to be a great listener who wanted to understand what I was facing. In his considered approach he then added great value to my thinking. 

Damian, 2020. 

Adrian is personable, generous with his time and knowledge, considerate to peoples feelings and alert to their current situation. Without Adrian’s professional and personal advice I would not have had the courage to leave my job and start my business. That business has been a great success and my family and I are very grateful. 

Stuart, 2020

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