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Month: September 2020


Steven was working in sales but not enjoying it. His boss was struggling and the products being sold were not good ones. Steven had always wanted to work for himself, but with a dependent wife and two young children, he was hesitant to take the plunge. He also had three years to go before he…
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Bruce and Pat

Bruce and Pat had four kids. The youngest of them, Deb, has Downs Syndrome and I got to know the family through Deb when she was in her mid twenties. Deb’s ambition was to live indepedently and my role was two-fold: to help her learn skills and develop the attitude of independence; and to help…
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Paula and Her Boys

Paula was in a bad spot. She had moved to Australia having met her husband overseas. They had married and now had two boys under the age of three. Unfortunately, her husband had developed a mental illness which would be enduring. She still loved and cared for him, but it was clear that he would…
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